Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today on Kresta - May 5, 2010

Talking about the "things that matter most" on May 5

4:00 – The Arizona Immigration Law: Just the Facts
Rampant speculation, misinformation and downright lies – from all angles - have severely damaged the public’s perception of the new immigration law in Arizona. We get a unbiased non-partisan report on what the bill ACTUALLY says. Jeremy Duda of the Arizona Capitol Times is here.

4:20 – Arizona, Catholics, and Immigration
Most Catholics in America are deeply sympathetic to the plight of immigrants from Mexico seeking a better life, but also aware that border problems run the gamut from hoards of largely harmless poor people to quite dangerous criminals, and everything in between. Robert Royal of the Faith and Reason Institute says he wishes our political class and some of our bishops were as realistic about the situation. He says the new Arizonan law on immigration is bad for many reasons, not least that it puts law enforcement officers in an impossible situation of guessing who might be illegal. Bad, but hardly the “Nazi” tactics that L.A.’s Cardinal Mahony called them recently. He goes on to say it’s not “racist” either. There’s evidence that Arizonans want to see more legal immigration. But it is a desperate effort to get someone somewhere to stop talking and do something about conditions intolerable to 70 percent of Arizonans. On this issue, he says, the Church ought to be especially careful with her moral authority, which ought to include moral clarity. Robert joins us to help provide some of that “moral clarity.”

4:40 – What Do Mothers Want / Need From Their Husbands / Children?
With Mother’s Day coming upon us this weekend, we take time today to talk with two Catholic moms who are doing it all. They are wives, mothers, chauffeurs, cooks, maids, Catholic authors, bloggers, and much more. We ask what the busy Catholic mom needs / wants from her husband / children and we take your questions as well. Danielle Bean and Lisa Hendey are with us.

5:00 – Annulments And The Catholic Church: Straight Answers To Tough Questions
One of the most misunderstood teachings of the Church is that of annulments. Many just call it “Catholic divorce” and many more have no idea about how the process works. Canon Lawyer, Dr. Ed Peters, has literally written the book on the topic and is here to answer your questions about divorce and annulment in the Catholic Church.


  1. Annulments are often simply catholic divorce. That is the case. It is easy for a Canon Lawyer to say that, particularly when he is scrupulously honest, such is not the case, but under other circumstances it is the same, for all intents and purposes as divorce.

    I left the Catholic Church over this and lost everything to this process. It is disgusting how it is abused and how there is no accountability at all.

    If the Pope had the courage to meet with those of us who know what we are talking about he might begin to understand how corrupted his fellow bishops and priests really are!

  2. Why in the world is the media deciding to completely ignore what SB 1070 actually says? They keep saying that Arizona is turning into Nazi Germany when they are just taking matters into their own hands because the Federal government won't or can't protect the Arizona's citizens from illegal aliens. The media is supposed to report the facts in an unbiased way, but all they are really doing is pointing fingers. Obama isn't helping matters because he is just criticizing Arizona. If Obama really has a problem with this law, then he should help Arizona come up with a one.