Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cartoon of the Day - Border Security


  1. More exploitave cartoons that make the suffering of these desperate people worse.Be thankful you don't have to cross the border from one hell to the next.This is so republican,and so typical of the "catholic" media to join in on the ridicule of the poorest of the poor.The popes and catholic church speak in vain to the makers of these cartoons...rob

  2. Towards Amnesty, I dont see how any Administration can claim that the border is secure and we can now go forward with Amnesty if that border security is dependent on the presence of the National Guard.

  3. Rob,

    The mockery is not of persons found in tragic situations, who are mostly Catholic, that are in desperate need of immigration reform and justice, but rather of the idea that sending a few thousand national guard to "fix the problem" is actually doing something meaningful. This does nothing to aide these people, and it does even LESS to provide comfort or welcome the immigrant.