Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Outrageous Statement of the Day

Michael Brown (of FEMA / Hurricane Katrina fame) on Fox News says that Obama was HAPPY about the tragic oil spill in the Gulf so he could "shut down" offshore drilling. Before telling me that you believe this is true - think back to how you may have reacted to the accusations that Bush / Cheney only went to war in order to funnel money to Haliburton. Attributing the worst possible motives to any President with no proof whatsoever is not only stupid, it's un-Christian. Watch the video below.


  1. That was indeed the main reason your neocon heroes disobeyed the pope and illegally invaded iraq.bush,cheney, have profited greatly from this immoral invasion you republican catholics are so proud of.The poor people of iraq have suffered from your loyalty to these lip-serving pro-life republicans for 19 years..please repent and wake up before its too late..rob

  2. Rob,
    Wha'happend? You didn't accuse us of censorship- just immoral, illegal, profiteering and grinding the face of the Iraqi people in the dust.

    We probably do have a few Republicans among us although we've never asked. Even if we did the Pharisees were the ones who accused Jesus of dining with [re]"publicans and sinners."

  3. Rob: "Please repent and wake up before it's too late...." Have you?? Given your gravely judgmental statement above, I was just curious.

  4. Just watch where information comes from. Media Matters is a George Soros funded organization. George Soros is a dangerous man with dangerous ideas.

  5. Non-neocon Heroine (Ms)May 11, 2010 at 11:41 PM

    I am tempted to say, oh be quiet you idiot, but I won't because that would be gravely judgmental and probably neocon heroic to boot. Oh and I been asked not to. So I won't. I am so very amazed that all of these acerbic labels can be assigned to the bloggers of Kresta in the Afternoon, based on the wonderful balance of remarks and contributions posted by KITA; neither Republican or Democrat, but faithfully, obediently catholic.

    But some people just like a good rant I guess. Now then, shall I choose to be anonymous....