Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kresta Blogging Back in Full Force

The team here at Kresta in the Afternoon apologizes for the lack of posts over the last week. Nick and his wife adopted a baby last week, we had a coupe pre-recorded shows, Al had a lot of meetings, and now Al and Nick arem broadcasting from Washington, D.C. from the studios of the latest "Kresta in the Afternoon" affiliate - WMET 1160 A.M. It's a phenominal station and willm certainly be a significant chapter in the story of Catholic Radio in America. We look forward to many broadcasts from here, and stay tuned to the blog for pics from the studio and with the team from Guadalupe Radio. Kudos for a TREMENDOUS job in bringing Catholic radio to our nation's capitol. Read more about the station here.


  1. Mr. Kresta, it's good to know that your commentaries will resume their vigorous pace.

    I was perusing and fell upon a wonderful article by John Allen

    This is about the Ukranian Catholic Church. The reason I bring this up is that Father Gudziak (perhaps a distant relative of mine, actually) mentions that as Americans we can help him and the people of Ukraine by prayer, petition, and almsgiving. Maybe we're not all in the position to fulfill the latter, but the former two should be easy for us thanks to the rosary, and your interview with Deal Hudson about The Catholic Advocate.

    Perhaps you'll be able to mention this at some point. Thank you.


    Matthew Wade

  2. Al,

    Did you ever inteview Bart Stupak after the Obmacare vote?

    Here's the link from todays Washington Post interview of him from their Divine Impulses section:

    His assertion that the Bishops were anti-health care and that they hid behind a pro-life facade seems incoherent to me.

    God Bless,