Thursday, May 6, 2010

Outrageous Statement of the Day

In an MSNBC promo for his show, Keith Olbermann defends his practice of prohibiting any guests on his show who disagree with him. Olbermann claims he asks questions "to find out if I'm wildly incorrect about something," ignoring the irony he's unlikely to do so if he's posing his questions exclusively to people who share his views. Watch the video below or here.


  1. Keith must really be pricking at the conscience of you 40 percent cafetria conservative american catholics.Keith has much more in common with the legacy of the great john paul then you pick and choose republican.You should listen to him and stop supporting war,torture,and military invasions....rob

  2. Sorry,i spelled cafeteria and republicans wrong.I also forget to mention keith is worlds ahead of you neocons in terms of what really goes on.Please save your typical republican responses for the vicar of christ john paul the great,who keith and i remember with more loyalty then you who still support the military agenda of the republicans..rob

  3. Now we know where you two geniuses get your ideas from! LOL!!