Thursday, July 25, 2013

Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" - July 25, 2013

Talking about the "things that matter most" on July 25

4:00 – Scythian in Concert
Rousing and raucous, Scythian plays kicked-up Celtic and world music with hints of Gypsy and Klezmer, all infused with a touch of punk-rock sensibility. Take a pair of classically trained dueling fiddlers, toss in a rhythm guitar and the occasional funky accordion, then power it with the driving rhythm of a jazz percussionist, and you've got the ingredients for a show you won't soon forget. Their high-energy, adrenaline-peddling, interactive brand of music has one goal in mind: to get people on their feet and dancing. Their repertoire ranges from traditional and contemporary Celtic and folk music to the alluring and dramatic strains of Gypsy and Eastern European tunes, and then crosses back over the border to pick up some good old-fashioned bluegrass licks. Their latest release is It’s Not Too Late. We talk to band members Alexander and Danylo Fedoryka who are here in Ann Arbor for a concert.

5:00 – Kresta Comments

5:20 – “Moms' Night Out”
All Allyson and her friends want is a peaceful, grown-up evening of dinner and conversation . . . a long-needed moms’ night out. But in order to enjoy high heels, adult conversation and food not served in a bag, they need their husbands to watch the kids for three hours—what could go wrong? It’s a description of the film Moms’ Night Out - is an endearing true-to-life family comedy that celebrates the beautiful mess called parenting. Recently Ave Maria Radio was invited to visit the set of the film and Kathy Schiffer is here to share the experience.

5:40 – The College Hook-Up Culture’s Effect on Young Women
The NYTimes last week ran an article about the effect of the college hook-up culture on young women and their potential for happiness in life and relationships.  It is a poignant and painful look at what happens to a culture when it defines itself by its ability to produce instead of the quality of its character and depth of its relationships. The title of the article is, “Sex on Campus: She Can Play That Game Too.” The implication, of course, is that men have been having casual sex for centuries and it’s worked out OK for them, certainly women can succeed at the same game. Dr. Greg Popcak is here to analyze.


  1. The Holy Father is on the move. But you are all but ignoring his historic visit to Brazil. Are you afraid he might speak on behalf of the poor and against the powerful? Against the "free market"? I can tell that this Pope is not the comfortable old doctrinal Pope you liked best. A bit worried, are you?

  2. Rio de Janeiro (CNN) – Pope Francis visited one of Rio de Janeiro's most dangerous and impoverished neighborhoods Thursday, saying that no society pushing the poor to the margins can succeed.

    "I say: You are not alone; the church is with you; the pope is with you," Francis told residents of the notorious Varginha favela, or slum.

    1. Al, you have misread the article on young women and sex. They want to have sex with guys, to have PLEASURE. You guest says, "they didn't want to do it." That's not what the article says. The article says that women want to concentrate on their careers and find a solution for their sexual needs. You're getting it all wrong. Women, no less than men, want to have sex and not have it lead to marriage.

  3. Al, great shows lately. As to the above quote in the show description - whoever thinks years of casual sex has "worked out OK" for men believes a delusion. More men are slaves to pornography or simply piling sin atop sin and cultivating all kinds of psychological disorders, rendering them unattractive to worthy mates, cultivating an environment where women must meet the pornographic standard stamped on such men's minds, etc... And has the lifespan of casual male sex addicts soared past that of celibates or something? Other than such men making the short-term claim "My goal is satisfying me," what about casual sex has improved their lives? Why is Brave New World here already?

  4. Greatly enjoyed your interview with the group Scythian. Very good to cover the arts as well as the usual topical issues. Great work (and I discovered a great band).