Saturday, July 6, 2013

Prayers for Matthew Kelly

By Kathy Schiffer
Ave Maria Radio

I heard this week that Matthew Kelly, popular Catholic speaker and best-selling author, is fighting cancer.
Not wanting to spread an unconfirmed rumor, I checked with Matthew’s organization,  Today I received confirmation–they’ve sent his most recent newsletter.  Matthew writes:
Last Wednesday Meggie and I welcomed another beautiful boy into this world – Harold James Kelly. Little Harry is happy and healthy, and Meggie is doing quite well. We give thanks for the gift of new life.
I also discovered last week that I have a growth in my right kidney that needs to be removed. So I will be having surgery toward the end of July to have part of my right kidney removed. Please keep me in your prayers.
There is always something happening, isn’t there? What’s happening in your life? Everyone is dealing with something. Everyone is carrying something around. So, let’s be gentle with the people who cross our paths. You never know what they are dealing with.
God Bless Matthew and his family as they face this crisis, while getting to know their newest little gift from God.
Please join with Ave Maria Radio in remembering Matthew and his family in prayer.


  1. We at the Church of Holy Apostles and the Magnificat Ministry in McHenry Il will be praying for you and your family.

    Teri Lindahl

  2. My family and myself will be praying for you Mr.Kelly. God Bless.

  3. My mom & I will be praying for him & his family... Congratulations on your bouncing, healthy baby boy!!! =)

  4. I wil say a prayer for you....,God bless you...

  5. We love you and your family Matthew. You are an inspiration to us. May God heal you if it is his will. You have already made a big difference in our lives.


    Ray and Jeanne