Friday, July 19, 2013

Jihad Story of the Day: "Allah is my lawyer"

Georgia: Muslima accused of murder tells judge that Allah is her lawyer and would seek vengeance if judge didn't release her

Robert Spencer
I look forward to Allah's opening statement. I wonder if he will be tough during jury selection. Anyway, once again we see a Muslim believing herself to be above the law of the land, and not subject to its laws, in line with basic Muslim beliefs about owing allegiance only to the umma, and not to any earthly authority, particularly an Infidel one. "Murder suspect: Allah will take vengeance on judge," from, July 18.
DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. —A Georgia woman accused in her neighbor's stabbing death appeared in court, threatened a judge and demanded to be released from jail.

Sahara Tabriz Fakhir, 32, is charged with murder in the death of Jerry Wheeler, 66. Fakhir appeared in court Thursday morning.

When a judge asked if Fakhir planned to get an attorney, she said Allah was representing her and would seek vengeance if the judge didn't release her from jail. 
Wheeler, who owned an auto shop, was found dead June 19 when his son came to check on him. Authorities have not disclosed a motive in the homicide.

Jail records show Fakhir is being held without bond on a murder charge. She is charged with giving a false name, birthdate or address.

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