Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" - July 24, 2013

Talking about the "things that matter most" on July 24
4:00 – Pope Francis Focuses on “Three Simple Attitudes” at World Youth Day
Shortly after his election, Francis celebrated a Mass at the Vatican's parish church of St. Anne, standing outside afterward to shake hands, give hugs and kiss babies. That display of ordinary pastoral concern quickly earned him the title of "the world's parish priest." Today at Brazil's Marian shrine of Aparecida, Francis once again came off as a simple pastor -- albeit one now playing on the world's biggest religious stage. After a brief reflection on the 2007 meeting of Latin American bishops that took place at Aparecida, Francis devoted his brief homily to what he called "three simple attitudes" he'd like to pass on to participants in the World Youth Day - hopefulness, openness to being surprised by God, and living in joy. He stressed that God is always close to the faithful and always ready to help. “Christians are joyful; they are never gloomy," the Pope said. We talk to author and speaker Austen Ivereigh who is on the scene in Rio.

4:20 – UK Abandons Controversial End-of-Life Medical Protocol
The United Kingdom has announced that it will phase out the Liverpool Care Pathway, a protocol governing the medical care of patients who have been deemed to be dying. Critics have charged that the protocol has led to widespread euthanasia. Baroness Julia Neuberger, the rabbi who led a government panel that examined the protocol said “Evidence given to the review has revealed too many serious cases of unacceptable care where the pathway has been incorrectly implemented. Examples include leaving patients without adequate nutrition, hydration, and inappropriately sedated.” Bioethicist Wesley Smith has followed this protocol from the beginning and joins us today.

4:40 – Kresta Comments

5:00 – Reactions to Yesterday’s Commentary Pour In: A Catholic White Man’s View of Our “National Discussion on Race” in America


  1. Listening to you struggle to explain your white experience was liking listening to a drowning man. Your concern for the "disparity" in the conversation between the races and suggestion that white people need to "push back" is outrageous and without any historical or sociological understanding of the power disparities between the races. A new low point on your show. Who do you want your audience to be, Al? Who are you wishing to comfort or recruit? I'm asking you to just listen to yourself.

    1. White people and their frustration! for hundreds of years, slavery of blacks, for 80 years, Jim Crow, and now you say you are frustrated about how one-sided is the conversation on race!

      A hispanic white man, armed with a gun, followed a black boy, unarmed, eating candy, down the street, and after a scuffle, the boy is dead, and after a trial, the white hispanic is free to go! How familiar this is to blacks in the good old USA!

    2. Anon (7:28) A "scuffle?" Do you mean the "pound and ground" of Trayvon on top of George? The broken nose and the lacerated head? Please, do yourself a favor and get more information. Don't settle for the usual soundbites. See for yourself that Zimmerman was returning to his car when Martin jumped him. Yes, it is a tragedy that a young, black man was killed. It is ALWAYS a tragedy. But Trayvon, like so many young, black men was already making decisions that made him vulnerable. He had previously been involved in stealing. He had been suspended. His parents had shifted him between them because neither knew what to do with his behavior. I'm NOT saying that the outcome of that night was inevitable, but I do think it not unreasonable to wonder if Trayvon would be dead at another person's hands.

  2. What do you make of Al's frustration that whites are not listened to, their views not well attended, in the discussion on race? He's trying to make his point and no one is listening hardly, except for some die-hard Catholics, and black folk at the Baptist church down the block ain't hearing the message of how hard it is to be white! He finds a "disparity" in the treatment of blacks and whites on this crucial question. He demands whites "push back!" His words, not mine. Push back against disparity! That sounds fine to me too! Let's start with income disparity and education disparity and health care disparity! Bring on the disparity and push it back! Now that might do some good.