Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Religion of peace, religion of hate

The arrest of two Canadians as terrorists begs a question – can Islam ever be ‘moderate’?

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Accused terrorist Nuttall John Stewart Nuttall, 38, joined a steadily lengthening list of Canadian accused or convicted home-grown Muslim terrorists last week. Police have charged him and his co-vivant Amanda Korody with possessing explosives and plotting to blow up a July 1 Canada Day celebration at the British Columbia Legislature in their home city Victoria.

Accused terrorist Nuttall
Accused terrorist Nuttall

From numerous news accounts, it is clear that both native Canadians were Muslim converts, that they had been catechized in the faith by unknown others and were keen on dying as martyrs in the cause of jihad, and have struggled with drug addiction, alcoholism, marginalization, shiftlessness and self-inflicted poverty for years.

Why always Islam? It is no surprise that angry, alienated, self-righteous young adults, especially males, seek outlets for their violent emotions in violent ideologies. In recent history suitable causes have been legion: the Black Panthers, the Weather Underground, the Red Brigades, the Animal Liberation Front, the Baader Meinhof, the Quebec Liberation Front, and many more.

However, with only rare and very arguable exceptions such as the Irish Republican Army, none of these groups, at least in the West, have been religious in purpose – with one exception: Muslims.

Two questions therefore arise: what makes Islam unusually attractive to violent young men, and can this ever be changed?

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