Thursday, February 14, 2013

Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" - February 14, 2013

Talking about the "things that matter most" on Feb. 14, 2013

4:00 – A Vatican Ambassador’s View of the Papal Resignation
Ray Flynn has been Mayor of Boston, Ambassador to the Vatican and is a rare pro-life Democrat. He joins us to give us his perspective on the Holy Father’s resignation and the future of the Church in America.

4:20 – The HHS Mandate, The Political Landscape, and the Job of Government
While at the Legatus Summit last week we had the chance to sit down with Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE). Jeff has led the charge for religious liberty in the US House and we look at the HHS Mandate, the role of government and the disdain that is currently out there regarding Congress.

5:00 – Recall Abortion: Ending the Abortion Industry's Exploitation of Women
Abortion Harms Women. Bad products are recalled every day: the Ford Pinto, faulty tires, dangerous prescription pills, contaminated lettuce. If a product is found to pose even a modest risk to those who use it, you can bet it will soon be pulled from the market…Unless that product is abortion. In Recall Abortion, author Janet Morana exposes the myriad ways abortion exploits women, and calls for a national recall of this deadly procedure.

5:40 – Evangelical Catholicism: Deep Reform in the 21st-Century Church
The Catholic Church is on the threshold of a bold new era in its two-thousand year history. As the curtain comes down on the Church defined by the 16th-century Counter-Reformation, the curtain is rising on the Evangelical Catholicism of the third millennium: a way of being Catholic that comes from over a century of Catholic reform; a mission-centered renewal honed by the Second Vatican Council and given compelling expression by Blessed John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. The Gospel-centered Evangelical Catholicism of the future will send all the people of the Church into mission territory every day. George Weigel is here to explain.

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  1. Would His Most Eminent Highness Grandmaster Festing be eligible to become Pope? I believe so, if it be His will, of course.