Friday, February 22, 2013

Dan Savage: Vile Disgusting Rant Against Pope

Homosexual "Hero" Dan Savage has written a column entitled "That Motherf***ing Power-Hungry, Self-Aggrandized Bigot In the Stupid F***ing Hat Announces His Retirement.”

According to Bill Donohue at the Catholic League "Dan Savage has a long history of trashing Catholicism, and he not only does it with impunity, he is rewarded for it. To wit: In 2011, he was invited to a White House reception for homosexuals. He said he arrived with his husband (would that make him the guy’s wife?)."

What would happen if a defender of tradition marriage said these things about a leader of the gay "rights" movement? What would happen if a President supportive of traditional marriage invited that person to the White House? I think you can guess. It would the story of the year. Front page of the New York Times and the lead story for weeks. And we are the hateful bigots?

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  1. Not very becoming of him to talk like that!

  2. Someone please tell me how to have charity towards this man. I have prayed for it and I find that my first reaction to him is to want to pound his head against a wall.

    That is not what Jesus would do. I am in real need of learning the compassion of Christ towards those who are condemning themselves to a horrible eternity by their choices.