Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Papabili Analysis & Peter Cardinal Turkson:

From bigpulpit.com - an interesting compilation giving us some authentic perspective on the upcoming papal conclave:

"Some Catholics have been upset at the speculation going on about the new Pope. This speculation, we’re told, goes against the Holy Spirit. “The Holy Spirit will choose the next pope not you! You are not a cardinal!!”
Right. OK. I understand. However, this criticism betrays a lack of understanding in how the Holy Spirit works." The New Pope: Should We Speculate? – Fr. Dwight Longenecker

"This is a question that surfaces every time we face a pending conclave. The most common answer seems to be “any baptized Catholic male.” However, it is worth examining what Church law and history says in this regard." Who is Eligible to Be Pope? – Jacob Tawney, Roma Locuta Est

"The right African pope will shift our wealthy, decadent minds away from the petty problems of our dying culture of death and make us pay attention to a continent that is teeming with life." The Case for an African Pontiff – Fr. Dwight Longenecker

"Nothing brings the kooks out like a conclave.
The Catholic Church is unique in so many ways. In the the silly season that is the weeks leading into a conclave, the Catholic Church is a unique target for its detractors and their cohorts in a willing media." Conclave & The Media: The Silly Season – Patrick Archbold, CMR

"The possibility that Cardinal Peter Turkson will be elected Pope—never terribly likely—has become more remote with the publication of the Ghanian cardinal’s statement that he would be prepared to accept election." The First Misstep Among the papabile – Phil Lawler

"My immediate reaction upon reading this interview, 'he seems to want to be Pope, almost campaigning for it.'
I am not sure we want a Pope who wants to be Pope.
Don't get me wrong, Cardinal Peter Turkson might make a great Pope, but his lack of circumspection in this interview is jarring to my mind." Peter Cardinal Turkson Campaigning to be Pope? – Patrick Archbold

"In any case, as Anthony Esolen wrote in an email exchange, we have no idea if a black pope elected to succeed Benedict would be the first, because no one in the early centuries thought the matter important enough to report. Three popes seem to have come from Africa, but what color their skin was we don’t know, and for all we know some other pope from some other place may have been black." An African Pope? – David Mills, First Things/First Thoughts

"I decided to study and map out popes born outside of Europe. There were some surprises among the results." Map of Non-European Popes – Catholicgauze, Geographic Travels

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