Thursday, February 21, 2013

Catholic Left Braces for New Pope

February 21, 2013
Bill Donohue issued the following remarks today:

Here is how the Catholic Left reacted right before a new pope was elected on April 19, 2005:
Fr. Richard McBrien
  • E.J. Dionne blasted Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger for using “fighting words” in an address before the cardinals.
  • Father Richard McBrien said, “I think this homily shows he realizes he’s not going to be elected. He is a polarizing figure.”
  • Peggy Steinfels agreed, saying, “Oh well, that gets rid of him.”
A few hours later, he was elected Pope Benedict XVI.

Here is how the Catholic Left greeted the news:
  • The president of Dignity, Michael Rocks, said of the new pope, “I didn’t think he had a chance because he already was so negative.”
  • Sr. Donna Quinn, head of the pro-abortion group, National Coalition of American Nuns, slammed him for lacking “sensitivity” to women.
  • Scott Appleby of Notre Dame opined, “This is the worst nightmare come true.”
  • Ex-priest Paul Lakeland lamented that “this choice is nothing but backwards looking.”
  • Andrew Greeley’s warning was ominous: “There might be a reign of terror for those who still support the Vatican Council.”
  • A spokesman for Call to Action exclaimed, “People here are in a state of shock.”
The Catholic Left will again be in a state of shock once the new pope is named. Having lost on virtually every issue that excites them—and nothing excites them more than sex—they are now bracing for more bad news. What they want has already been tried: they want the Catholic Church to adopt the teachings of the mainline Protestant denominations. Someone needs to tell them (gently, of course) that it didn’t work—they’re all in free fall.

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