Friday, February 8, 2013

Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" - February 8, 2012

Talking About the “Things That Matter Most” for Feb. 8

Live from the Legatus Summit in Phoenix, AZ

4:00 – Kresta Comments

4:20 – Germany, the morning-after pill, and the Catholic Church: Media and scientific manipulation
John Henry Westin of

4:40 – Catholics Come Home: God's Extraordinary Plan for Your Life
God has something extraordinary planned for your life . . . In our fast-paced, highly technological world, this statement might sound a bit lofty, but the lives of millions of souls who have come before us attest to this simple truth: God has a wonderful plan in store for you. With these words, Tom Peterson, founder and president of Catholics Come Home, a nonprofit multimedia organization dedicated to promoting Catholic evangelization, offers inspiration for believers from all walks of life, whether lapsed or practicing, to deepen their faith and draw them closer to Jesus and His Church. Tom joins us.

5:00 – Kresta Comments

5:20 – Archbishop Lori Responds to Latest HHS “Accommodation”
"Throughout the past year, we have been assured by the Administration that we will not have to refer, pay for, or negotiate for the mandated coverage. We remain eager for the Administration to fulfill that pledge and to find acceptable solutions—we will affirm any genuine progress that is made, and we will redouble our efforts to overcome obstacles or setbacks," said Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), in a statement yesterday. We talk to Archbishop William Lori, head of the USCCB Ad Hoc Committee on Religious Liberty.

5:40 – Money and the Markets
The stock market this week topped 14,000 for the first time in years. What does this say about the financial climate in the US? George Schwartz of the Ave Maria Family of Funds is here to analyze.

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