Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The World's Debt to the Catholic Church

I'll be speaking on the World's Debt to the Catholic Church at the Sacred Heart Radio's Tenth Anniversary Celebration this weekend. Carl Olsen has a column entitled "Is this the most ridiculous, arrogant Huff-and-Puff Post piece ever penned?" at Ignatius Insight which discusses some elements I will be discussing Saturday. Carl writes a great piece, a portion of which is below.

Is this the most ridiculous, arrogant Huff-and-Puff Post piece ever penned?

Granted, the competition is tough and the candidates are legion. But I think that Victor Stenger—"Physicist, PhD, bestselling author"!—has thrown down the Gray Gauntlet of Lumpish Twaddle, and has done so in the span of just six paragraphs! Best be sitting down and not eating or drinking before taking this in:

Many historians and sociologists have denied the there ever was a war between science and religion. Some have even claimed that Christianity was responsible for science! But they have ignored the most important historical facts. Greece and Rome were well on the way to modern science when Christianity interrupted its development for a thousand years.
Nevermind that the Romans didn't even figure out how to engineer a drafting chimney. Oh well; I'm sure they were only a few years from splitting the atom when the barbarians overwhelmed them. Which is not to make light of Roman and Greek achievements. By the way, didn't the Romans and Greeks believe in multiple gods? So how is that Romans and Greeks were scientifically brilliant while being religious but Christians were/are decidedly anti-scientific because they are religious? Huh?
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