Thursday, June 9, 2011

Today on Kresta - June 9, 2011

Talking about the "things that matter most" on June 9

4:00 – Vengeance on the Prairie: Former KS Attorney Phil Kline and His Pro-Life Quest
Two ethics investigations have cleared former Kansas prosecutor Phill Kline of allegations that he mishandled evidence in abortion cases, but he's now facing a third. Critics suspect that challenging Planned Parenthood was his real crime. Journalist Les Sillars joins us to lay out the story.

4:30 – The Appalling Strangeness of the Mercy of God: The Story of Ruth Pakaluk, Convert, Mother and Pro-Life Activist
We hear the powerful story of an amazing woman, Ruth Pakaluk, who converted to Catholicism at Harvard, married her college sweetheart and joyfully welcomed seven children. She became a renowned pro-life leader and brilliant debater, who was struck with breast cancer and died at the young age of forty-one. Her husband, Michael Pakaluk, is here to tell her story.

5:00 – The ACC vs. Call to Holiness: For Dissenters, We Are All Priests Now
While faithful Catholics concluded their celebration of the Year of the Priest only last spring, a coalition of dissident organizations like Call to Action, Voice of the Faithful, and the Women’s Ordination Conference have issued a “universal call to ministry” to help build a “non-clerical Catholic Church in which the laity reclaims their baptismal priesthood.” Promising a “radically inclusive understanding of the role and responsibilities of all the Baptized,” the dissident groups are planning to hold the American Catholic Council during Pentecost to encourage the laity to “remove the two-tiered system that separates the ordained from the non-ordained.” For the dissidents, we’re all priests now. Ann Hendershott has been reporting on the ACC from its inception and is here to discuss them and their agenda.

5:40 – Kresta Comments - The Media “Freakshow”
If you have watched any television coverage of the Anthony Weiner sex-scandal, especially the 24-hour news networks, you will know quite well that it has quickly become merely another partisan war. Republican call for his resignation and point out the Democrats’ hypocrisy for wanting the resignation of Republican’s who have found themselves embroiled in scandal. Democrats say Rep. Weiner should stay put and point out the Republican hypocrisy for supporting other Republicans who have found themselves embroiled in scandal in the past. It’s the type of situation that ABC reporter Mark Halperin has dubbed “The Freakshow.” Al has some comments.


  1. Re: Dissenting Catholics

    The Catholic Church has a much bigger problem than famous dissenters like Hans Kung or outspoken dissident groups like Call to Action. Al briefly alluded to the problem in his introduction to Hour 2. Most Catholics, at least in the United States and Europe, are dissident Catholics. They just don't make a big deal of it publicly.

    How many Catholics in the United States and Europe disagree with Church teaching on contraception? Based on what I've read, it's at least two-thirds. That right there makes the Catholic Church a dissident church. The only way I see to solve that problem is to say that most Catholics are only nominally Catholic.

    I only mention contraception because that's all that's needed to make one a dissenter.

  2. Correct Mauman,

    Catholics don't hear anything from most of the people who dissent from Catholic teaching. These high profile extremist groups are very small, but vocal, so they are the focus for most Catholics when they think "dissent." But most of the dissent doesn't come from here.

    People inside the church doing things they shouldn't don't make it public,and Catholics are quite blind to what goes on with those who leave the church--they just disappear from view. In droves. There are astonishing blind spots in the views of most Catholics on these topics.

    I know more ex-Catholics than Catholics. Statistics say that the second most populous denomination in the US is ex-catholic. Officially many of those people are still on our "membership lists" but they are gone.

    The American Catholic Council, VOTF and the like are soundly wrong on all of what they would say is the solution and that's what this is about. The answer is NOT dumbing the church down, letting women be priests and all that nonsense. The answer is encouraging Catholics to get real spiritual lives and start living out the Gospel in a real way and telling the truth about what we believe. We need to live the Christian life and teach our young to live the Christian life. That's what we're missing and that's why people are leaving. They don't see that among us. They see their parents & friends going to church once a week and then coming home *unchanged* to practice birth control and live alone together in fear and strife for yet another week.

  3. PS. This is why when you google "American Catholic Council" you get almost no news hits today. The peak of reporting was Friday--anticipatory feelers, you understand. But there isn't much to report and not much response. Most people, outside of certain Catholic circles on either extreme, including those who've left, don't care. It's irrelevant to them one way or the other. OK, maybe it's a chuckle, maybe. 10 secs and that was Friday.