Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fr. John Corapi, Canon Law and the Process for Priests Accused of Abuse

In light of the Fr. John Corapi Scandal, a bright shining spotlight has been shone on the "process" of what happens when a priest is accused of abuse or impropriety. Canon lawyer Michael Dunnigan discusses the "process" and the role that canon law plays.

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  1. Thanks for the candid discussion on the fairness to Fr Corapi of the process which was chosen by the SOLT and Bishop of Corpus Christi. In my opinion, the accuser materially withdrew the accusation by not demonstrating it was credible to SOLT and the Bishop of Corpus Christi. In translating this to civil law terms, it's not only that he wasn't indicted by a grand jury equivalent, he wasn't even served with a valid notice of complaint to know what he needed to be defended from. On this basis, the suspension should be rescinded.