Friday, June 17, 2011

Fr. Corapi Leaves the Priesthood



  1. I hope you'll be talking about this on the radio this afternoon.

  2. Sad to say, I have many of John Corapi's DVDs and have learned a lot through his CCC series, however, he has always charged HUGE amounts for his materials and events and in the last two years, I have moved away from him for what I would call a tone of pride and arrogance that has been a bit strange and seems un-catholic to me. His speech in Cincinnati was the one that confirmed I needed to stay clear. It sounded more like a politician, and an angry one at that, rather than a holy Catholic Priest. I listen to many many hours of Catholic Radio and TV each week and I just don't see or hear people talking this way in what I would call the 'main stream' of Catholic media. We also tried to put a banner up at the Cinci event and his agent was very rude and wanted $10,000 to advertise our Catholic event. We could not do that. This is all very sad. I wish he would take the route of Padre Pio who I believe waited for 12 years when finally the Pope claimed he was badly misinformed about Pio. Sometimes, even if we are wronged, we have to work through it and learn to offer up the suffering. Sadly, I learned part of this from the now former Fr. Corapi. I too hope you have a show about this but it is hard to fathom what you would say. What faithful person in love with the church abandon's their vows to God and His Church because of possibly some people in it that make bad decisions. We deal with this every day in the church don't we. I'm certainly not leaving it. It's the one, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and from what I can see, the most direct route to getting my family to heaven. - Father of 4 boys and husband.