Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today on Kresta - June 7, 2011

Talking about the "things that matter most" on June 7

4:00 – How Dissent Became Institutionalized in the Church in America
This weekend in Metro Detroit, two conferences will be put on by Catholics. One focuses on orthodoxy, one on reform of the Church. In preparation for this weekend, we talk today with Kenneth Whitehead about how dissent became institutionalized in the Church in America.

4:20 – Direct to my desk – Dissent, Division, and the Devil in the Details

5:00 – Jim Tressel, Cheating, and Christian Values
What's next for the role of athletics in college sports evangelism now that Bible-is-my-playbook OSU coach Jim Tressel has resigned in the face of a burgeoning ethics scandal? Tressel's coaching years appear to be unraveling as reports roll out that there's more to his story than covering up for players who traded Ohio State University goodies for tattoos or cash. Sports Illustrated quotes a claim he even rigged raffles to benefit elite recruits. Here's a fellow who was lovingly profiled as stressing God and character in his players. The Toledo Free Press religion page in 2009 carried an ode to the coach's life in which Tressel begins each day reflecting on the Lord and reveres the memory of his farmer grandfather who died with the Bible, open to psalms, in his hands. Sportscaster Steve Clarke gives us a profile of Tressel and the details of the resignation, and then we widen the discussion and take calls on how we should respond to Christian “celebrities” who end up embroiled in scandal.

5:20 – Direct to My Desk - How to Respond When Christian “Celebrities” End Up Embroiled in Scandal

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  1. Dissenters who are allowed to "lead" parishes are much like cancer to the body of Christ. Destruction abounds. They tend to be extremely controlling over obedient Catholics to the point of slandering the obedient Catholics and marginalizing them from parish organizations and teaching faith formation. When the bishops "turn the other way" when these kinds of things are reported, parish members are the ones being persecuted, and the dissenters assume more power as they feel empowered to continue teaching heresies.