Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Texas Authorities Uncover Illegal Operations at Abortion Center

Assisted by pro-life activists, the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has uncovered hazardous operations at an abortion center.

Operation Rescue activists conducted a three month investigation at Whole Woman’s Health in McAllen, Texas. Undercover investigators found packets containing fetal refuse in an open dumpster behind the building. They photographed aborted fetal remains, bloody surgical instruments, and partially used drug vials. The group also found private medical records illegally thrown in the public waste receptacles.

When Operation Rescue hand-delivered its evidence to the TCEQ, the authorities conducted an official inquiry. The TCEQ verified the complaint after examining Whole Woman’s Health. The TCEQ’s investigative report indicated that medical workers dumped “recognizable human body parts, tissues, fetuses, organs, and the products of human abortions” behind the abortion center.

Both federal regulations and the Texas Administrative Code explicitly forbid drug violations, privacy breaches, and hazardous disposal of infectious waste. For these alleged offences, Texas authorities have turned over Whole Women’s Health to the TCEQ’S formal enforcement branch. If convicted, Woman’s Whole Health could incur sizable fines.

Meanwhile, Operation Rescue has filed similar complaints with the TCEQ against over a dozen Texas abortion businesses. According to Operation Rescue, the abortion community as a whole has demonstrated a systemic problem with illegal practices. Past investigations have lead to penalties and closures. As President Troy Newman said, “We have yet to find an abortion clinic that fully complies with the law.”

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