Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today on Kresta - July 20, 2010

Talking about the "things that matter most" on July 20

4:00 – New Vatican Norms Issued: More Important Than You Think?
The Holy See Press Office has published a revised edition of the 2001 norms dealing with clerical abuse of minors and other “exceptionally serious” crimes against faith and morals. While the norms dealing with sex abuse have dominated Catholic news outlets, the secular press has zeroed in on the inclusion of “the attempted ordination of a woman” among the revised Vatican norms for “extremely serious” crimes. Fr. Peter Stravinskas is here to look at the revised norms and makes the case that both of these story lines are quite important.

4:20 – Kresta Comments – Papal Infallibility
140 years ago this week, the Vatican I Council voted 533 to 2 in favor of "papal infallibility" as defined that "the Roman Pontiff, when he speaks ex cathedra, that is, when in discharge of the office of pastor and teacher of all Christians, by virtue of his supreme apostolic authority he defines a doctrine regarding faith or morals to be held by the universal Church . . . is possessed of that infallibility with which the divine Redeemer willed that his church should be endowed. Al has a defense of papal infallibility.

4:40 – Orthoscopy: Clear Vision to See What We Ought To Do
Does our society have only fifty years left in its existence? While some spread doom and gloom claiming that our civilization is about to come to an end, Deacon Joe Hulway presents a more positive outlook in his first work, Orthoscopy. He maintains that we are merely stuck in a painful adolescent stage of societal development - that many of our problems result because we prefer to act like teenagers and not adults. It is a time of rebellion and can be one of great danger unless we clear our vision to see the paths that lead to maturity. The author draws upon his life experiences as a parent, an engineer, a manager, an ordained minister, and a youth leader to offer reflections to guide you to have clearer vision for finding the truth. He demonstrates the value of faith, encourages us all to be philosophers, points out the dangers of applying labels to ourselves and to others, and examines the value of asking good questions.

5:00 – Kresta Comments – The Catholic Church and Science
This week in the year 1822 Gregor Mendel, the Austrian monk and botanist who discovered the basic laws of genetic inheritance was born. This is a Catholic monk who is one of the greatest contributors to modern science. So why is it that when you think of the Catholic Church and science – you inevitably think of Galileo? Why not Mendel? Why not Pasteur? Why not Copernicus? Al has the answers.

5:40 – Vatican Norms, The Economy in Detroit, NFP Conference in Detroit, and 35 years as a priest
Archbishop Allen Vigneron joins us for his regular monthly segment. We discuss the economy in MI, the new Vatican norms, the NFP Conference at Sacred Heart Major Seminary and His Excellency’s 35th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood.


  1. Nearly half (48.1%) of the victims of serial molesters were between the ages of 11 and 14.

    John Jay report, pg 35

    Currently, the average age for the beginning of puberty for males is 12. The average length of puberty for males is a little over two years.

    For Fr. Stravinskas to claim that these boys were really young men engaged in homosexual involvement, as he stated, is truly evidence of a diseased mind. Shame on him.

    It's truly inexcusable, for someone presuming to speak in a public forum about this issue, to be so grossly inaccurate in their statements. Statements which, can easily be interpreted by victims as implying that they were responsible for the assaults they were subjected to, and which the majority of American Bishops lied about.

    Utter propaganda.

  2. Father Peter StravinskasJuly 21, 2010 at 12:48 PM

    My point in the discussion had little or nothing to do with the age of the minors abused. Originally, I said "pedophilia" and then corrected myself because exclusive use of that term is not correct since the majority of those abused were not of the age-group covered by "pedophilia" (as your own statisic demonstrates) which is why the more precise commentators include the word "ephebophilia," which covers young men (that is, those after the onset of puberty).

    Father Peter Stravinskas

  3. I'm sorry sir, but suggesting that a 14 year old, much less and 11 Year Old, is somehow a "young man" with the implications of consent that suggestion most certainly provides is insane.