Monday, July 12, 2010

Outrageous Statement of the Day

CBS' Early Show promotes the "One Child Myth." Guest makes the case that mothers of only one child are happier that mothers of multiples, that multiple children cause stress to marriage, and that kids just cost WAY too much money.


  1. I am one of 8 children, and we all were loved and fed and educated.. It is typical of the selfishness of this Country by putting material things over Godly things..

  2. There is NOTHING more environmentally friendly than having multiple children as the economies of scale leave the smallest footprint per person on our society. In a big family we are taught to share, to reuse things (hand-me-downs), to carpool (think of all the vans that large Catholic families drive) where as by nature single child homes are taught that things are disposable, not to be reused and that sharing is not an everyday part of life.

    Not to mention only children are deprived of having siblings which can be one of the greatest gifts you could ever give a child.

    Ultimately though how many children a couple has, be it 1 or 15, is between themselves and God and no one else. Many families are called to have only one child but that child bears the wound of not growing up with siblings.

    -A Happy 3rd Oldest child of 6