Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today on Kresta - July 15, 2010

Talking about the "things that matter most" on July 15

4:00 – In a Heartbeat: Sharing the Power of Cheerful Giving
First came the bestselling book, then the Oscar-nominated movie—the story of Michael Oher and the family who adopted him has become one of the most talked-about true stories of our time. But until now, Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy have never told this astonishing tale in their own way and with their own words. For Leigh Anne and Sean, it all begins with family. Leigh Anne, the daughter of a tough-as-nails U.S. Marshal, decided early on that her mission was to raise children who would become "cheerful givers." Sean, who grew up poor, believed that one day he could provide a home that would be "a place of miracles." Together, they raised two remarkable children—Collins and Sean Jr.—who shared their deep Christian faith and their commitment to making a difference. Sean is here to tell their story.

4:20 – Vatican revises norms for clerical abuse of minors, other ‘exceptionally serious’ crimes
The Holy See Press Office has published a revised edition of the 2001 norms dealing with clerical abuse of minors and other “exceptionally serious” crimes against faith and morals. The revised norms also list crimes against faith and morals that were not included in the 2001 document, including heresy, apostasy, schism, “the indirect violation of the seal” of Confession, “the recording and divulgation of a sacramental confession done with malice,” “the attempted ordination of a woman,” and “the acquisition, possession or distribution of pornographic images of minors under the age of 14. We look at the significance of this development with Matthew Bunson.

5:00 – Catholic Radio Coming to Boston!
Holy Family Communications is pleased to announce the agreement to purchase WBIX 1060AM in Boston, MA. The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network, a division of Holy Family Communications, will broadcast to a population of over 5.5 million with a new upgrade, this 50,000-watt signal. Scot Landry, the Secretary for Catholic Media for the Archdiocese of Boston stated, “Cardinal Seán O’Malley and many of us at the Archdiocese have prayed for years to have a strong Catholic radio presence here. As you know, Boston has been one of the only major media markets without 24/7 Catholic radio. The programming that will run has been proven nationally, and we are happy that Catholics in Boston now will be able to listen to it.” Dave VanVickle, Director of Advancement at Holy Family Communications is with us.

5:10 – Ten Facts Most Catholics Don’t Know (But Should!)
Every time Gary Zimak hears someone claim to be an “ex-Catholic”, a sense of sadness comes over him. In just about every case, people leave the Catholic Faith due to a lack of understanding. After all, if Catholics truly believed that they were members of the one, true Church founded by Christ (and necessary for their salvation), nobody would ever leave! In an effort to help clarify what the Catholic Church teaches, Gary has compiled a list of 10 important facts that every Catholic should know. More than simply Catholic trivia, these are important concepts that can help us to better understand and defend our beliefs. Gary joins us.

5:30 – Kresta Comments – The Demographics of Islam

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  1. When is Catholic Radio coming to Houston? I miss it. Sigh.