Friday, July 16, 2010

Cartoon of the Day - Mel


  1. yah...i haven't kept up but i saw facebook chat or something that alluded to another foot-in-mouth episode. so very sad. we were all behind him with The Passion.

  2. Hey Al, I really want to hear your thoughts on this whole Mel-tdown saga! Do you think you will discuss it on your show?

  3. I like Mel. I am praying (and hoping fellow Catholics are doing the same)by the grace of God he rises above this ungodly behavior...For years now I think there has been some serious spiritual battle going on in his life. I believe he could have been / be a catalyst to many spiritually inspiring movies, an instrument for many conversions. It appears the evil one is getting the best of him -- we need to pray and be grateful that we have a God that is a God of MERCY and LOVE. Redemption could be the title for next GREAT movie of Mel's.

    I am praying for a reconciliation with his wife (not the current woman) and a resurrection of his well as to his religious films.