Monday, July 12, 2010

Haiti: 2 million still living on the streets

Six months after a devastating earthquake killed over 220,000 of the nation’s 8.8 million people, some 2 million Haitians are still living on the streets, according to the Fides news agency.

“The situation is still terrible as far as the practicability of the roads; it seems that the earthquake just happened yesterday,” said Archbishop Bernard Auza, the apostolic nuncio. “There is no one to carry away the debris, and we can still not use certain streets in the capital. There are still no offices for some local government institutions. Many people who are living in tents still have nothing and then there are still many poor people who do not even have tents and do not see a way out.”

“As the Church, we are waiting for a sign from the Government in order to be able to act with all our strength,” he added. “For example, some religious institutions cannot begin to rebuild the buildings or houses, because they lack a safety certificate issued by the government for that area. And that part does not depend on us.”

Ave Maria Radio has partnered with Cross International Catholic Outreach to bring help AND the Gospel to the people of Haiti. Cross Catholic is the perfect partner to accomplish this important task. It works through Catholic priests, nuns and lay leaders already in Haiti – already familiar with the needs of the poor and devoted to serving in their communities. Through this network of ministry partners, Cross Catholic is able to cut through the chaos and deliver aid directly and effectively to the places it is needed most.

Cross International Catholic Outreach is also committed to meeting spiritual needs. To that end, Cross Catholic integrates spiritual formation into its humanitarian work. This means that families facing incredible suffering are receiving physical sustenance, as well as learning about the eternal hope they can have in Jesus Christ. It also means that prayer is actively going out from both American and Haitian Catholics, binding them together as part of one family and one Church.

A simple $32 is enough to feed someone for a MONTH!!! Please become part of this shared mission. Join Ave Maria Network, Cross International Catholic Outreach, the nuns, priests, and lay leaders in Haiti as we seek to bring Christ’s love and mercy to the poorest of the poor. Together, our collective prayer and material aid will make a profound and tangible difference!

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