Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Outrage of the Day - Dutch Church Goes Orange (and painfully irrevrent) for World Cup Final

Does this look like "sacred space" to you?
Does this look like place for worship of God or soccer?
Does the congregation look more interested in the Real Presence or the spectacle?
Do you see the priest mugging for the camera while DISTRIBUTING THE EUCHARIST?
This is a disgrace and a blasphemy.


  1. That banner that reads: "Olé! Olé!" made me wonder whether the Miami Sound Machine was going to close this gig out.

    God help us!

  2. Looks like they lost. Guess God wasn't on their side this time. He may not like frivolity in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

  3. About the only thing positive about that video is that the Church is actually full...

    Linking to this.

  4. This brings a whole knew meaning to "going dutch".

  5. Lord have mercy! ...not to mention the choir filling up the sacristy cover and standing behind the priest during the mass.

  6. Unbelieveable... altar girls, communion in the hand, no kneeling during the distribution. Horrible!

  7. That was so painful to watch. None of them realizes, most shamefully including the priest apparently, that while our Lord's Crucifixion was made present at this holy sacrifice, they were all laughing and mocking our Lord by focusing on the worldly absurdities before His Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity in the Host. God have mercy on us.