Thursday, June 25, 2009

Youtube Double Standard

Youtube has removed another video posted by Live Action Films that exposes a Planned Parenthood counselor giving false information about abortion to an inquiring young girl.

"LOS ANGELES, June 25--Without offering any specific explanation, the video-sharing site YouTube has removed a new video by the student group Live Action that shows dishonest counseling practices at Planned Parenthood. The video first plays undercover footage of a Planned Parenthood counselor from Tucson, AZ telling a patient that images of aborted fetuses "are not real" and then shows photographs of a completed abortion and documentation of their authenticity."

You can read more and watch the video by clicking here.

Youtube has a history of removing videos that show the effects of abortion, citing "content too graphic" as their reason. Just ask Dr. Monica Miller, the founder of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society. She has had videos pulled down as well and youtube has sent her a warning that if she posts any more videos that show the victims of abortion hen her youtube account will be closed. They told Monica that YouTube has a policy of not showing dead bodies or body parts. Ironic, since the attempt is to prove just that - that these are human persons deserving of the protection of law.
What Kresta in the Afternoon would like to know is, why does Youtube allow videos of JFK
getting shot in the head with an eruption of blood?
(WARNING: Graphic Youtube video link)

Why does Youtube allow videos of people being shot and killed in Iran, like Neda Soltani?(WARNING: Graphic Youtube video link)

Why does Youtube allow videos of people falling to their death from the World Trade Center on 9/11?(WARNING: Graphic Youtube video link)

If Youtube is so concerned about graphic content, then why are the above videos ok for the public to view. There aren't even any warning messages preparing you for graphic content like there are on other videos. There is substantial evidence here to accuse Youtube of having a double standard with regard to videos that reveal the tragic execution of human beings at the hands of abortion doctors.

During the 2008 election season, Youtube pulled down other videos uploaded by Live Action Films, including the following.


  1. Granted, this is unfair and a double standard. I do agree on that point, and I agree that YouTube should be more consistent in enforcing their policies -- either allow the graphic abortion videos or ban the other videos mentioned (JFK assassination, Iraq, etc.).

    But the questions that I would ask are different than the ones asked above. I would ask:

    - Are people aware that there are other sites on the internet besides YouTube where videos may be hosted?

    - Have the creators of these videos considered hosting them on a different site, perhaps even on their own web site?

    Again, I agree that YouTube is in the wrong here, but it is not as if YouTube has a monopoly on online video hosting.

  2. Paul H
    There is a link in this post that leads you to the censored video which is available on the Live Action website. Kresta in the Afternoon uses youtube in an attempt to reach people who would otherwise not view our content. Since youtube is the most used video streaming site on the internet, it only makes sense that a person who has an important socio-political message would want to use the site that generates the most traffic.
    Doing a google video search, I see that you can find Live Action Films videos on,,, and others.
    That's a great point you have for those who want to expose Planned Parenthood. You need to post your videos on multiple sites.
    It would be nice to find out if Planned Parenthood is "donating" any money to youtube in order to have these videos censored.