Friday, June 19, 2009

Who is it that's ideologically driven?

Members of the President’s Council on Bioethics were told by the White House last week that their services were no longer needed and were asked to cancel a planned meeting.

The council was disbanded because it was designed by the Bush administration to be “a philosophically leaning advisory group” that favored discussion over developing a shared consensus, said Reid Cherlin, a White House press officer.

So no more advice from some of the giants in the field like Leon Kass, Edmund Pellegrino, Robert George, Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Paul McHugh, Mary Ann Glendon, and more.
But no worries, President Obama will appoint a NEW bioethics commission, one with a new mandate and that “offers practical policy options,” Mr. Cherlin said. Who believes that this new council is NOT going to have a pretty solid ideological approach. We'll see how many of the new commissioners are against embryo-destructive research. Don't hold your breath.

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