Friday, June 19, 2009

British Witches Angry With Church

A British witches' coven leader has accused the Roman Catholic Church of prejudice after her group was banned from a parish social hall

Sandra Davis, 61, high priestess of the Crystal Cauldron group, booked Our Lady's club in Stockport, Greater Manchester for a Halloween Ball.

But when she tried to pay she was told the Diocese of Shrewsbury had decided the pagan group could not use it.

A diocese spokesman said the group was not compatible with Church teaching. DUH!!!

Davis said, "In this day and age I just didn't think that we would get that prejudice from the Catholic Church."

I know that the word "prejudice" or "intolerant" is being thrown around pretty freely these days, but who really expects the Catholic Church to open their doors for witches to hold meetings and Halloween Parties? It almost defies imagination that this is even a story.

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  1. Am I really seeing Al Kresta use the word, "Duh"? LOL!