Friday, June 19, 2009

Supreme Leader has Friday sermons for the restless Iranians

The Supreme Leader of Iran will ply his trade on Friday. He'll use his homiletic skills to try and defray growing public resentment focused on the widely considered fraudulent election results. Al Jazeera says that the Guardian Council is investigating over 646 claims of voter fraud submitted by Mousavi and two other defeated candidates.

Pictures of the whitebearded leader are uniquitous throughout Iran. According to a popular Fox commentator/analyst "He is just looking out for them, you know, the folks." Huh, maybe it's Ali Orilee bin Satyr?

Parvez Sharma, director and producer of A Jihad for Love, and commentator on things Islamic sees the most violent and animated disorder in over ten years. He's updating his page on the Huffington Post with live updates from friends. "Tehelka" is the Hindustani word for chaos and/or mayhem and sensation, and the mayhem on the streets of Tehran as the Islamic Republic's controlled democracy stands exposed with all of its fissures- is a state of chaos, not seen in a long time."

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