Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Joe Scheidler: Notorious Abortionist Gunned Down in Church

The June 1st interview with Joe Scheidler talking about the murder of abortionist George Tiller was worth highlighting.
-Joe shared a taxi cab with George Tiller on the way to an abortion conference. Joe was going to the conference in order to learn more about how abortionists conducted their practices and George thought that Joe was a fellow abortionist.
-Tiller may have been losing his license to preform abortions within a month.
-There hadn't been any violent acts committed against abortion providers since 1998. Recent polls have shown that more people than ever were considering themselves to be pro life. The murder of George Tiller has become new ammunition for the pro abortion movement to paint the pro life movement as terrorists.
-Tiller had an "abortion liturgy". They would baptize the children that he would abort and even take footprints of the aborted child and give it to the parents.
-Scott Roeder, Tiller's assasin
-Dr. Warren Hern
Hear what Pro Life Leader Joe Scheidler has to say about the events and people connected to this tragedy in the interview below.

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