Thursday, June 18, 2009

Catholics in Iran muzzled!

Christians are but a fragment of Iran's 70 million citizens. The International Religious Freedom Report of 2004 accepted by the U.S. State Department optimistically listed a total number of 300,000 Christians in Iran.

Swiss Catholics visited their brethren in 2006 and returned recognizing the obvious: Catholics are prohibited from proclaiming the Gospel to their countrymen. This is true in all Muslim-dominated countries.

While we hope and pray for greater liberty in Iran, a regime change won't permit the sovereign rights of Jesus Christ to be proclaimed in the land. Mousavi, challenger to Ahmadinejad, campaigned on the grounds that the Islamic Republic must be preserved by any means necessary. This means that the freedom to proclaim the gospel is not an option. St. Paul was freer to preach in ancient Rome than any missionary in modern Tehran.

If time permits listen to Paul Marshall's careful but clear lecture on Radical Islam.

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