Thursday, July 21, 2011

Today on Kresta - July 21, 2011

Talking about the "things that matter most" on July 21

Guest Host: Steve Ray

4:00 – Archaeology and the Historical Jesus
Modern droughts have revealed harbors from Jesus’ time. Early 19th-century explorers, searching for places where Jesus had walked, attempted to locate the ancient harbors of the Sea of Galilee but failed. Now, after 25 years of searching and researching, they have been found. We talk to Fr. Eamon Kelly about the Magdala Project, an effort to promote this type of archaeology in the Middle East to uncover the Historical Jesus!

4:30 – Catholic Scripture Study
Catholic Scripture Study (CSS) is ideal for any parish or group looking for an inspiring Bible study that is completely faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church. The study commentaries are written by leading Scripture scholars and authors, and each study contains references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, papal encyclicals, and writings of the early Church Fathers and the saints. Additional resources are available to study leaders and students on the CSS Program Website, including an Ask the Author forum, as well as maps, pictures, and articles. The full-length program includes lectures on DVD that accompany each week's lesson. The lectures are given by Catholic priests. Best of all, because the program and Study Leader Kit provides all the tools, one need not be an experienced catechist to implement and lead a CSS class. Any lay person can establish this truly life-changing program in their parish or community. Founder Gail Buckley joins us.

5:00 – The Catholic Church in England & India
Almost 14 years ago the world, but especially Indians, lined the streets to honor Mother Teresa upon her death and her state funeral procession. In recent years her sisters, the Missionaries of Charity, encounter a rather different crowd. Threats, mobs, attacks, intimidation and Hindu nationalists threatening violence against the religious sisters who run orphanages. Sarat Fernandes is her to look at the Church in India.

5:30 – Biblical Archaeology and the Truth of Scripture
Jim Anderson is a former Methodist and Lutheran seminarian – now a Roman Catholic. He grew up in a nominally Evangelical United Brethren (later United Methodist) family and came to believe that Catholics are Christianized pagans who worship statues of Mary. He is now a convert and director of membership at the Coming Home Network. He is with us to talk a bit about his journey and the truth of Scripture.

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