Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Outrageous Statement of the Day

MSNBC’s Matthews Likens GOP to Muslim Extremists: "Wahhabis of American Gov’t"

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  1. Matthews et al, remind me of the young adult daughter who once said with no trace of self-reflection that if I didn't loan her eight hundred dollars in the next week, I would be responsible for her eviction.

    My reaction now is much like it was then. I simply hung up.

    If Republicans don't raise taxes, they are guilty of bankrupting the country. Not a trace of irony for those who want to continue to spend what we simply do not have. I guess it is the nature of government to always grow, always tax, always expand its power and reach, always live beyond its means.

    Where is the corrective? When do we shrink? When do we ask ourselves the hard questions about how well what we have, in terms of government, comports to what is appropriate?

    Is it really, never?