Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Favorable, Yet Telling Profile of John Corapi

In 2007 Stephen Klaidman published “Coronary: A True Story of Medicine Gone Awray.” He offers a journalistic, but favorable, profile of then-Fr. John Corapi who is a central figure in the book. Corapi was awarded over $2.7 million for his role as a whistle-blower in the “False Claims Act Lawsuit” as well as another $500,000 in a case against an insurance company. The book is also a telling look at Corapi’s concerns about living in community and the financial side of his speaking ministry years before the present controversy.

Below is a brief excerpt from page 61 of the book. Click here to read the full 13-page profile of Corapi.

Coprapi: “[In 2003] the website [Corapi set up to sell his DVDs and tapes] had been bringing in over $100,000 at month. It would be $2 million a year in sales very quickly. Someone will figure that out sooner or later, and decide that they want some of it. But they won’t get it.”…

Corapi said that a long time ago he decided not to let himself get backed into a corner where the Church could manipulate him with threats like denying him a pension or a home or an assignment.

He worried that it would be a real test of faith for him if the Church asked him to go live in a monastery and give up his worldly goods. “Hopefully I would do it,” he said years later, with an inflection in his voice suggesting he might not. When pressed, however, he conceded that he had superiors like everyone else and if they said “You’re finished,” he’d be finished. But when really pushed about what he would do if ordered to turn over his assets, he said he had concluded that because of his status – somewhere between a member of a religious order and a parish priest – canon law was ambiguous on this question.


  1. SOLT's words and actions are suspicious in my opinion. I don't know whether the former Father Corapi is guilty or innocent but SOLT leaders as well as the Corpus Christi bishop seem to be vultures and not acting in good faith, charity, and best interests with regards to both Corapi and the Church.

  2. Al, I see another discrepancy here. In the 13-page excerpt, the following statement appears on page 60:

    "In 2003, he set up his own little company. With the proceeds, he said, "I support the Society of Our Lady and other works in the church.'"

    Yet on July 7, 2011, SOLT's webmaster, Fr. Medley, wrote: "SOLT never received any money from Fr Corapi. That was the problem. He never submitted himself to the community in obedience, poverty or chastity – therefore unfit for priestly ministry. He was invited for many years to come back home, but he is too rich and too famous."

    That comment has since disappeared from Fr. Medley's blog but can be viewed here from a comment post at The Black Sheep Dog:

    Is there a way to verify if SOLT ever received money from Father Corapi?

    In removing the comment section from his blog post, another of Fr. Medley's comments seems to have disappeared - one that contradicted (in my view) Fr. Sheehan's comment that SOLT had not reached any conclusions on Corapi's guilt or innocent in late June. I preserved Fr. Medley's comment on my blog, which read:

    "We had way too much info to be able to suspend [Corapi] in the first place that ought to have humbled him, but because people see him as gifted they are not permitted to see his faults. ... Please do not listen to him trying to turn you against the Church authorities that have been trying to bring him in for years."

    What happened to the comment section for Fr. Medley's blog post with these quotes from him?

  3. I know of a priest who was an artist prior to becoming a priest t and a work of his did quite well. He receives $ from it to this day. As usage part if an order his Widowed mother received all the $ until her passing and since then 100% of it goes TO THE ORDER. I was always under the impression that his overpriced CDs and DVDs were priced so that the $ could benefit the order or some benevolent cause. Its unfortunate that it went straight to his coffers.