Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Alberto Cutie Exposed

We have uploaded our video of the interview with Alberto Cutie to our YouTube page. You can enjoy it below.


  1. The comments at the end are so applicable to the whole Fr. Tom Euteneuer mess. Thank you for this and for exposing the lies Al! Great job.


  2. Mr. Cutie grossly under estimated the Catholic priesthood. Just because he cannot live up to the expectation of the priesthood he has to downplay it, that shows that he is a very coward individual. It is not enough that we have so much anti-catholic sentiments out there, it has to also come directly from a former Catholic priest.

    Great interview Mr. Kresta, thank you!

  3. What I would like to ask is, he made a vow to the Church, what makes his new wife think he'll honor the vow he made to her. I would not want to answer the question of why I was a priest and broke my vows to the Church to God. Heck, I don't want to break my vows to my wife and answer that question. Cutie has no concept of the marital relation that exists between husband and wife, between priest and church and between Father, Son and Holy Spirit. There is such great wealth. It is truly pregnant with learning and joy.

  4. Kresta does a good interview- I would love the ask Fr Cutie about what he thinks about the order of the sacraments- yes- the Catholic Church can ordain a married man to the diaconate & priesthood- but once a man is ordained- he must 'stay the way he is'
    but- his pension as an Episcopal 'priest' will be nice and fat...

    1. It has been a year since this post. I'm sure, since he (Alberto Cutie) believes in changing your mind all the time, will be radically different. If anyone noticed in one of his blogs, he congratulated Cardinal Dolan for his installation has Cardinal. Is Alberto trying another scheme to get into the Roman Catholic Church as a married Anglican priest? Only Alberto knows. I continue to pray that he will be called to repentance. The story of the down fall of this priest because of another Eve is so sad. So many souls went with him.