Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Outrageous Statement of the Day

Matt Lauer to Rick Santorum: Do You Really Think People Care About Social Issues Right Now?

NBC's Matt Lauer didn't exactly throw out the welcome mat for possible presidential GOP contender Rick Santorum as, on this morning's "Today Show," he questioned the former Republican Pennsylvania senator if his "ultra-conservative" stance on social issues is "the message people want to hear right now?"

1 comment:

  1. It's interesting that the media is interested in "vetting" politicians after the hiatus in 2008. This reporter brings up a very valid point, although in a very offensive manner, that the economy is the greatest concern for the American people. In many ways this election will be decided NOT based on the viewpoints or capabilities of the President but almost solely on whether or not the American people think the economy is improving (vote for Obama) or not improving (vote for someone else). It's also highly interesting to note the degree with which Obama discards his greatest allies like Planned Parenthood. If he actually had to face a primary challenge and vie for their support would we hear a different tone? Most certainly. But that battle was already won and the American public successfully had the fleece pulled over their eyes. The fact is Obama will say anything, even to his most loyal base, to get reelected. Santorium on the other hand, won't back down from his beliefs in the hopes to get elected. Kudos to Santorum.