Saturday, March 19, 2011

ND Bishops Instruct Faiithful With List of Organization to NOT Support


God Bless bishops Zipfel and Aquila, who have taken their responsibility seriously to protect the faithful from being misled by groups that work against fundamental human goods such as life and marriage/family:

Catholics and Catholic organizations should not endorse organizations with “morally objectionable” missions, North Dakota’s bishops said.

Bishops Paul A. Zipfel of Bismarck and Samuel J. Aquila of Fargo in a March 10 statement called upon pastors, clergy and the lay faithful to be prudent and just in making their charitable decisions, particularly on issues related to human life and marriage.

Here is the list of organizations they singled-out (see the reasons why here):

American Association of University Women
Amnesty International
Crop Walk/Church World Service
March of Dimes
Susan G. Komen for the Cure

I would add to this list catholyc organizations that explicitly dissent from the Church’s teaching on life, family and Church doctrine (feel free to make additions in the combox):

[UPDATE: I should make clear, I'm only listing organizations that claim to be/represent Catholic(s), not secular organizations (such as Planned Parenthood or the Human Rights campaign) that undermine life and marriage without claiming to be Catholic.]

Call to Action
Catholics for Choice
Catholics for Equality
New Ways Ministry
Voice of the Faithful
Women Priests for the Catholic Church

And here are catholic organizations we should have strong reservations about:

Catholic Coalition for Church Reform
Catholics United
Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good
Faith In Public Life
Matthew 25
National Catholic Reporter
Pax Christi

This is the thing about the organizations I list – they already (with the possible exception of National Catholic Reporter) receive a vast majority of their funding from rich, anti-Catholic donors such as George Soros (more on this later, too).

So there’s simply no need for Catholics to give any support to the groups listed above, especially when there are so many good Catholic organizations that need our assistance.

Please help me spread the word to these groups – if you support evils such as abortion, contraception and the erosion of marriage and family – don’t expect the hard-earned resources of Catholics!

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