Thursday, March 17, 2011

Controversial Chicago priest to be moved from urban parish?

Cardinal Francis George of Chicago may soon remove a controversial priest from the urban parish where he has been pastor for 30 years.

Father Michael Pfleger met with Cardinal George this week, evidently to discuss a move out of St. Sabina parish. Father Pfleger, a fiery political activist, has drawn criticism for several public statements. In 2008 he was disciplined with a short leave of absence after he mocked Hillary Clinton, then a Democratic candidate who was opposed Father Pfleger’s own favorite contender, Barack Obama. Last year he was called on the carpet once again after delivering a sermon in which he said flatly that “there should be women priests.”

In spite of the priest’s checkered public career, Cardinal George personally presented Father Pfleger with a Lifetime Achievement Award.


  1. I wish u had a moble version of your blog because on a mobile any youembedded you tube video blocks half the sreen. I can actually onllly see half oof what I am typing.

  2. This man is a disgrace to his vocation. He should not only be removed from his parish but be considered to be defrocked. How can a priest such as him be allowed to stay and spread his messages of discord for thirty years? does he have something over The Bishop that may need to be exposed? It just makes you wonder, with all the past cover ups, how he has been given special privilege being so hateful and spreading false messages in the name of Catholicism.

  3. Not only removed and defrocked, but also excommunicated. By supporting Obama is he not complicit in the murders of all the unborn babies who will die because of Obama's support of a "woman's right to choose." This man has done so much damage to the Church and to the souls of everyone he influences.

  4. What a sad sad Priest he is. Following his own political agenda instead of the teachings of the CHurch. Wanting Obama to win the presidency is wanting the little babies killed. And Obama was for killing the unborn and the newly born. What evil webs we weave when we are wanting power.