Monday, October 25, 2010

Outrageous Statement of the Day

Maddow Guest Claims Women Receive Abortions "Because They Care About Motherhood" Maddow starts out by asking if the abortionist is even confortable being identified and seen - Why Rachel, do you really think there is a gunman waiting outside the studio. The fearmongering you attribute each night to the right isn't so far removed, is it? I love how she closes ths bit too. She talks about a press release from Operation Rescue and derides it because it has "pictures of cut up body parts on the press release." Yes Rachel, that's abortion. That's what you are fighting for. Instead of mocking it, take a good look at it.


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  2. What is incredible is I am pretty sure Maddow thinks that these body parts are fake based on her tone. As if these are not actual victims of abortion on display. But if they are "body-parts" then they have to come from a body and if the woman's body from which they were extracted is still completly intact than whose body did they come from? There is only one obvious answer and that is the baby's body.

    I agree that we can all look forward too and hope for a world where abortionist are not threatened and shot by fringe people. If you think the cure to violence inside the womb is violence outside the womb than I think you don't understand at all.