Thursday, October 14, 2010

Catholic Answers has a new Youtube Channel

Catholic Answers just started posting videos on youtube only 2 weeks ago and already they have 325 subscribers.
The new media offers messengers of the gospel of Christ with an amazing outlet to the world.  Yes, youtube is also a site where proponents of secularism can further their relativistic agenda, but one should always remember that the roman roads constructed under paganism were utilized by the early Christian missionaries to reach out to pagan cities and convert pagan hearts and minds. Today's Catholic apologist has a similar opportunity as the early Christians to confront error, to speak to souls all over the world, and to let the light of Christ shine from the desk tops.

Here's a sample of what Catholic Answers is producing on youtube.

This is definitely a web resource worth linking to.
Let's see if we can bump CA's subscription count up to 500+ by the end of the month.

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