Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More US nuns over 90 than under 60

In an interview with Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review Online, Mother Mary Clare Millea offers an update on the apostolic visitation of active women religious in the United States. “My task as visitator is to note the global picture of the individual congregations and suggest recommendations I consider appropriate for them,” said Mother Millea. “The competent office of the Apostolic See will determine what will be communicated to the congregations to help promote their vitality.”

Asked, “Is it true that vocations to more orthodox communities of women religious who are frequently in habits are up?”, she replied:
In August 2009, the National Religious Vocation Conference published a study on recent vocations to religious life conducted by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA). Using statistics gathered from religious institutes as well as from meetings with focus groups of young religious in selected institutes, the study revealed some dramatic trends. While there are more women religious in the United States over the age of 90 than under the age of 60, some congregations are definitely experiencing an upsurge in new vocations.

The NRVC study offers some “best practices” for vocation promotion and indicates that the example of members and the characteristics of the institute seem to have the most influence on the decision to enter a particular institute. The research further suggests those congregations that follow a more traditional style of religious life seem to have the greatest success in attracting and retaining new members, especially younger candidates. While the NRVC study is distinct from the apostolic visitation, its complete findings might be of interest to those concerned about the future of religious life.
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  1. What are the average ages of the communities which are faithful to the Magisterium and the religious life? I'm betting under 40 for most of them...

  2. The 80 Nuns organizations who supported the pro-abortion anti "subsidiarity" Obamacare bill through "Network" did not help matters any. Howeversome of these particular Nuns Orders still work at the USCCB.

    Young women have to search to make certain that their Order is Faithful to the Magesterium - Church Doctrine as published in the "Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition".
    Working on false "Global Warming" now called "Climate Change" etc., are indicators of groups that Catholics should not join.

    Further, hiding the fact that they are Nuns by not wearing an indentifable uniform shows their lack of desire for Catholic identity.

    There are good Convents though.

  3. The average age of the 114 Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist (who numbered 4 in 1997 when they were founded) is 28. They are growing at a rate of about 20%/year.