Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ourtageous Event of the Day

Ousted NPR news analyst and Fox News contributor Juan Williams on FOX NEWS today revealing the behind the scenes details about NPR's decision to terminate his contract. Williams was fired yesterday for making remarks about Muslims on the O'Reilly Factor.

Here is the FULL SEGMENT of Juan's appearance on the O'Reilly Factor so you can see the comments in their full context.


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  2. Orielly does raise an interesting question. Did Muslim's attack us on 9-11? I think the answer is complicated because although on the surface not because the connecting link between all of them was that they were Muslims and the reasons they did it was they were Muslims. Same thing with the Time Square bomber. What makes this complicated is that it is such a small minority of Muslims that would do what those terrorists did so the question becomes can you really attached the Muslim label to them? In the same way could you attach the "Christian" label to Westboro baptist "God Hates Gays" church? In as much as Christians would disagree with the Christian label being applied to that church Muslims would disagree with the label being applied to the 9-11 and Time's square terrorists. The difference of course being the founders. Was it imprudent for Oreilly to say what he did? I don't know and like they said I hope that we can have a long enough discussion to understand what we really meant by those words.

    In the end I think Juan was fired more for agreeing to what Oreilly said rather than his statement. His statement was just the club used to beat him with. Is it a fire-able offense to express feelings that most American's experience? I certainly don't think so.