Friday, October 29, 2010

Cardinal-Designate Burke Speaks on How a Catholic Must Approach Voting

As Americans approach the eve of election week, U.S. Cardinal-designate Raymond Burke is reminding Catholics in an exclusive 25-minute video interview that they are bound in conscience to vote for political candidates who oppose aborting babies, embryonic stem cell experiments, euthanasia and so-called homosexual so-called marriage. “Millions of Catholics have no idea it’s a sin to vote for candidates who favor these grave evils, which attack the very foundations of society Thomas McKenna, President of Catholic Action for Faith and Family,” said. "This matter-of-fact, pointed interview granted to me by Archbishop Raymond Burke in Rome last week makes it very clear what the responsibility of every American Catholic will be next Tuesday." Thomas conducted this interview with soon-to-be Cardinal Burke last week. Below is an excerpt. EWTN will be playing the 25-minute interveiw in its entirety on:
Friday 9 PM EST
Saturday 6:30 AM EST
Sunday 5:30 PM EST
Tuesday at 5:30 PM EST

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