Saturday, June 5, 2010

Turkey, Israel, Instability and Infertility

"Ten years ago, Turkey’s behavior would have been unthinkable. Ankara was Israel’s best friend in a region where every other neighbor wishes, to one degree or another, the Jewish state’s destruction."  What has emboldened Turkey to now sound so hostile? Mark Steyn thinks he knows and, if he's right, then Catholic moral theology may be as relevant to Israel's national preservation as it is to personal salvation.


  1. I guess the lesson is this: Those who accept the gift of God's fertility and children will inherit the earth.
    Dr TMR Beste

  2. And the state of isreal is full of such love for their neighbor.Like the rupublican right,they eagerly await the pre-emptive strikes on Iran that catholic media promotes with their special guests ambassador john bolton,Robert Spencer,brent bozell,etc.Like their protestant brothers,american catholics are always apologizing for Isreal,Always ignoring the decrees of the popes....rob

  3. Al,

    I commend you for bringing on the likes of John Bolton, Robert Spencer, Brent Bozell, Brigitte Gabriel, Andrew McCarthy, and so on, because they do not give us the pollyannish, politically-correct dribble which dominates American public discourse today, but rather the proper perspective and seriousness that should be accorded to the ominous developments in the world. As an immigrant to the United States (legally), it never ceases to amaze me how utterly uninformed so many of our fellow citizens are.