Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Outrageous Statement of the Day

This is one for the ages and has been making its way across the web. It is Peggy West, a member of the Democrat Executive Committee of Milwaukee. She says in a public meeting that the Milwaukee Council should repudiate Arizona's anti-illegal immigrant law because Arizona is "a ways removed from the border." WOW!


  1. The other outrageous statement is "If you Google SB 1070"....because SB 1070 isn't the law! HB2162 is the law. HOUSE BILL 2162. The NYT got it wrong, the USCCB trusted the NYT and so did many individual bishops.

    While Catholics might disagree with the bill signed into law, what has been so shameful is that our media continued to propagate the incorrect version of the legislation, not the actual one signed into law. Even the immigration representative from the USCCB that Al Kresta had on his show was completly ignorant to the difference.

    The border between Texas and Mexico is the largest compared to the other states (New Mexico, Arizona & California) but it is entirely composed of the Rio Grande River, a natural barrier. This leaves the LARGEST shared land border with Mexico to be Arizona and this statement that much more egregious.

  2. In the fight against 'racism', and other things *cough*, any stick will do!