Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today on Kresta - June 15, 2010

Talking about the "things that matter most" on June 15


4:00 – Acton University 2010
Acton University is a unique, four-day exploration of the intellectual foundations of a free society. Guided by a distinguished, international faculty, Acton University is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and integrate rigorous philosophy, Christian theology and sound economics. As we kick off our week-long broadcast from the Acton Institute in Grand Rapids, MI, Acton’s Communication Director, Fr. Robert Sirico, is with us to look at what the Institute does and what we can expect to encounter as we speak to the presenters at this week’s Acton University.

4:20 - Pius XII begged FDR to spare civilians, churches, hospitals
The headlines read “Here is the previously unpublished letter sent by Pope Pius XII to U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on Aug. 30, 1943, after one of the several bombings of Rome by the Allied Forces.” But Ron Rychlak says not so fast. He and many other Pius XII scholars have known about the letter for years. We look at this letter and much more with Ron, who has recently updated, revised, and re-released Hitler, the War and the Pope.

5:00 – Rosary for Priests
As the “Year for Priests” concludes, ask yourself, “What have I done for my priest?” Have I said, “Thank you” in word or in deed? Have I said, “I stand with you” with a gesture of solidarity? What is the best thing we can do for a person, including ourselves? Prayer. Praying for someone is the best thing we can do for them. So why not pray for your priest? And why not go the extra step of standing publicly in prayer together for our priests? This Saturday June 19, from 10- 10:30 a.m. – to mark the conclusion of the Year for Priests – laity across the country are being encouraged to pray the Rosary for Priests on the steps of the Diocesan Cathedral. Cyrus Johnson, the man responsible for this effort joins us.

5:20 – Exorcism and the Church Militant
Exorcism is a part of the Catholic church that is still very little known, but very real nonetheless. Fr. Tom Euteneuer has faced the devil, and that the devil is real and walks among us. "The manifestation of demons can be very frightening, but you never have to be afraid of the devil because we always have the power of Christ to deal with him," he said. Fr. Euteneuer is an exorcist and says his work will be increasing after Pope Benedict XVI announced this year his intention to greatly expand the practice of exorcism, in a matter the world hasn't seen in centuries. Fr. Euteneuer is with us to look at Exorcism and the Church Militant.


  1. Alot of innuendo and charges made against Fr Sirico:

    http://www.unitypublishing.com/godskingdom/Sirico Brief.htm

  2. Pray the Rosary for Priests June 19! They need our prayers and we need them!

  3. Re. F. Euteneuer:
    What's long been missing is a critical examination of the most radical, and, in my opinion, egotistical elements of the "pro-life" movement. If you talk to people who hang out in front of clinics, most are absolutely incapable of understanding that it's possible to be wrong without having a "hardened heart," and that there are in fact compassionate, caring, brave -- albeit wrong and misdirected -- people in abortion clinics as much as there are anywhere else in the world where human beings and sin mix. The "equal dignity" clause applies to people who provide abortions, too. We're Christians; we don't get to hate and dismiss and lie about and dehumanize ANYONE. The "clinic crowd" are so outrageously hateful, passive aggressive and egotistical in their crowing about "saving" a baby by nagging and harassing and forcing people temporarily away from a building (most of those "saved" babies will later be aborted when the appointments are rescheduled for when the bullies aren't in front of the building.) And, now F. Euteneuer has claimed that all neoPagans worship Satan (Obviously, he knows nothing on the subject; neoPagans don't even believe in Satan), and that abortionists are worshipping Moloch, etc. etc. I hate to criticize a priest, but the man's gone off the deep end. PEOPLE CAN BE WRONG WITHOUT BEING EVIL. Why hasn't there been any substantive follow-up to the pulling of the Exorcism book by HLI, and Euteneuer's "reassignment." I'm assuming HLI's lawyers went crazy when they read the book, and knew they were looking at libel suits, as well as a general public discrediting, as a result of the bizarre claims in the book, but WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT IT? And, why is no one talking about the poor catechesis of people doing the bullying in front of clinics? They're grotesquely misrepresenting the Church, and ruining their own souls in the process. Condemning other people under than hate-phrase "hardened hearts" (which is their excuse for all of their self-indulgent passive aggression) just means that the clinic protesters have lost all ability to even begin to truly pray for their political enemies; when someone says a rosary in front of a clinic with a heart full of hate, it's as surely a sin as any abortion. Feminists for Life saves more babies in a week than the clinic bullies do in a decade, first, because they treat everyone in the conversation with respect, and second, because they will have nothing to do with the ridiculous, self-righteous hate campaign the clinic protesters indulge themselves in, and third, because they forcus their efforts "upstream" to help improve women's welfare and to prevent the perceived need for an abortion in the first place. Adding a "demonic" level of obsession to an already unhealthy movement has just made everything worse. Not only do the clinic bullies get to luxuriate in a self-righteous, destructive, hateful condemnation of normal people (who happen to disagree with us about abortion) as "hard hearted" and "murderers," they now also want to call them "possessed." WHY AREN'T YOU FOLLOWING UP ON THIS? And, why is no one calling out the clinic bullies on their hate and egotism? Where are the priests who are willing to bring them back to eartth and get them to stop making a bad situation even worse by burning bridges between pro-life and pro-choice HUMAN BEINGS?