Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kresta Poll Question of the Day

Was Israel justified in raiding the "flotilla" heading to Gaza?
1) Yes -
2) No -

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  1. Pope benedict already answered the question.He spoke out against the barbaric act.But you are trying to get around him like you always try to get around papal statements against the us and Isreali immoral aggressions.Your alien agenda is so obvious.You are fighting pope benedict like you fought john paul when he spoke out against the immoral,Iraqi invasions....rob

  2. Hey Al, arent Popes in their public discourse generally more pacifist than international law and catholic doctrine gives leeway to in the way of excercising military force?

    I think the Pope should always talk with a leavening of pacifism in the mix--its a good influence on the world, but by no means binding as a Papal directive.