Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cartoon of the Day - Is Oilboarding Torture?


  1. Here again you make light of innocent victims.Waterboarding is a cruel and inhumane torture that sadly the catholic media has pardoned.I'm sure the drawers of these endless sad cartoons have never been in the position to actualy find out how cruel waterboarding is.Catholics should be speaking out against these things,not participating in the ridicule of the political innocent pawns who suffer-some for over seven years-without due process...rob

  2. Political cartoon...joke...get a grip. It's funny! Thanks for posting!

  3. Speaking FOR MYSELF, I think waterboarding is disgusting and this cartoon is funny. (Hey, I am female just learning the art of compartmentalizing).

    Final comment: The Catholic Church does not condone torture in any way shape or form. Laughter? YES.